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CJS (MSS).  There is also a list and notations of The Ducklington Morris Revival Side's dances on their web pages originally prepared by Andy Cheyne, their Forman.

  1. The Lollipop Man, Carey
  2. Old Taylor (also called Trunkles), CJS (MSS)
  3. Old Taylor, Carey
  4. The Nutting Girl, from Bampton 'as played at Ducklington', RD
  5. Princess Royal, Carey
  6. Jockey To The fair.

MB I & II. RD - from Sharp and Carey MSS and local informants. One of the latter was a Bampton man who knew the Ducklington dancers - hence possibly a 'Bamptonising' influence. The dances have been reconstructed by RD, integrating the information from these sources.
Dance tunes for this tradition
ABC Sheet music mp3
Jockey to the Fair ABC PDF
Old Taylor (Carey) ABC PDF
Old Taylor CJS ABC PDF
Princess Royal ABC PDF
The Lollypop Man ABC PDF
The Nutting Girl ABC PDF